DP World收购Komatipoort集装箱堆场


  DP World在南非的Komatipoort内陆集装箱堆场,已获得南非税务局(SARS)的许可,成为了豪登省以东地区的第一个陆港,成为保税集装箱堆场。

  DP World’s Komatipoort inland container depot in South Africa, has become the first dry port in the region, east of Gauteng, following its licencing by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as an approved bonded container depot.

  DP World Komatipoort地理位置优越,位于豪登省/马普托走廊沿线,靠近南非与莫桑比克的边界,现在将为客户提供全方位的联运和仓库服务。

  Strategically located along the Gauteng/Maputo corridor, close to South Africa’s border with Mozambique, DP World Komatipoort, will now offer customers the full spectrum of intermodal and warehouse services.


  The location of the depot is also close to a fully-fledged South African Customs and banking infrastructure, which will facilitate South African customs clearance of goods at Komatipoort.

  “批准我们的Komatipoort物流堆场作为保税集装箱仓库,是马普托走廊的'游戏规则改变者'。这意味着在马普托港并发往南非腹地的国际集装箱进口现在可以通过保税方式移交给科马蒂普特,在那里可以提供全面的海关通关,并准备在南非交货。” DP世界马普托。

  “The approval of our Komatipoort facility as a bonded container depot, is a ‘game changer’ for the Maputo corridor. This means that international container imports landed in Maputo port and destined for the South African hinterland, can now be moved under bond to Komatipoort, where full customs clearance can be provided and made ready for delivery across South Africa,” said Christian Roeder, CEO of DP World Maputo.

  他补充说:“ DP World在科马蒂普特工厂的主要目的是通过为货主开放一条优越的供应链路线,使腹地的供应链更快,更可靠,并节省总成本。”

  “DP World’s primary aim for the Komatipoort facility is to make the hinterland’s supply chain faster, more reliable and provide total cost savings, by opening a superior supply chain routing for cargo owners”, he added.

  DP World Komatipoort的战略位置,全方位服务以及通过Maputo走廊与DP World Maputo现代化,高效的集装箱码头的无缝连接,那里没有港口拥堵,并且主要港口有固定的靠泊泊位。航运公司为客户提供了可观的运输成本节省,并避免了姆普马兰加,林波波和豪登省收货人的延误。

  DP World Komatipoort’s strategic location, full-service offering, and seamless link via the Maputo Corridor to DP World Maputo’s modern and efficient container terminal, where there is no vessel and port congestion and with fixed berthing windows available to major shipping lines, offers customers considerable transport savings and the avoidance of delays for consignees in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng.

  该贸易走廊还为该地区的南非企业提供了从DP World Komatipoort经由Maputo到世界任何地方的国际市场的出口机会。

  This trade corridor also offers South African businesses based in the region export opportunities from DP World Komatipoort via Maputo to international markets anywhere in the world.

  DP World Komatipoort于2019年8月开始运营,是位于迪拜的DP World在6大洲51个国家/地区拥有127个业务部门的国际网络的一部分。

  DP World Komatipoort, began operations in August 2019, and is part of Dubai-based DP World's international network of 127 business units in 51 countries across 6 continents.



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